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Collect us- Message- Chinese- English Welcome to the official website of Dongguan Xinyou Viscose Products Co., Ltd.

12 years focus on adhesive products productionDomestic Leading Manufacturers of Polymer Optical Materials for Special Adhesive Products


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Service Support

Dongguan Xinyouwei Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. upholds the concept of "service creates value", and all service work revolves around the principle of "customer first". At present, our company has established a perfect service system, production department, engineering department, business department, service department and other departments have been fully launched to provide perfect service to customers, hoping to get more customer recognition and support.

1. When receiving customer orders, business personnel communicate with quality personnel to obtain qualified raw materials and hand them to production department for production.

2. Quality Department should verify the basic information of raw materials, such as color, thickness, hardness, material quantity, etc. when communicating with business personnel.

3. After receiving orders from salesmen and raw materials approved by the quality department, the production personnel need to carry out accounting, opening and other steps to confirm the most effective use of raw materials.

Service Mode

Xinyou Weiwei Company will adopt the "company-business department-end customer" line service mode, after the user purchases the product, the problem will be fed back to the salesman, general problem salesman can communicate with the customer to solve (the company will carry out technical support and training), its serious problem will be assisted by our quality department to service department. Processing, see the following specific process:


◆?Service Commitment: Xinyou Weiwei Company promises to solve customers'problems as soon as possible.

◆?Customer Service Hotline: 0769-81660125

◆?Working hours: Monday to Saturday 8:00-17:30