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Collect us- Message- Chinese- English Welcome to the official website of Dongguan Xinyou Viscose Products Co., Ltd.

12 years focus on adhesive products productionDomestic Leading Manufacturers of Polymer Optical Materials for Special Adhesive Products


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Contact us

Welcome to the official website of Xinyou Wei! Thank you for your trust in Xinyou Wei! Xinyouwei - a leading manufacturer of polymer optical materials for special adhesives in China! We are welcoming you with a smile every day. Although you are on the other side of the network, we believe that you can feel the feeling of our happy work, because I know that you and I like happy giving and happy work.

Dongguan Xinyou Viscose Products Co., Ltd.

Hotline:13925760585 Fax: 0769-81660126 mailbox: uwtape@www.csudhdanceteam.com Headquarters: No. 9 Funing Street, Xianxi New Industrial Zone, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City

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